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Leading Lights 2017 Finalists: Most Innovative Gigabit Ultra-Broadband Service


The promise of gigabit and multi-gigabit broadband services is fueling infrastructure investments and spurring innovative new technologies in the access network arena. Among the many gigabit servic... » Read more

Spanish pay-TV tops 6m


Over 6 million homes in Spain now receive pay-TV services. According to data published by the regulator CNMC, the figure reached 6.1 million in Q3 2016, up from 5.43 million 12 months earlier. XDSL... » Read more

Gigaclear Hail 10,000 UK Customers on Rural FTTH Broadband Network


Gigaclear , which specialises in rolling out ultrafast Gigabit Fibre-to-the-Premise ( FTTP /H) broadband networks to rural parts of England, has today celebrated the news that their ever expanding ... » Read more