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Artificial Intelligence: A smarter way to build smart cities


Artificial intelligence, or AI, a term that a few decades ago circled around in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, is a reality today. The most evolved AI of our fantasy tales is often sentient mach... » Read more

SEAX-1 Subsea Cable All Set for Provisional Acceptance


Super SEA Cable Networks (SEAX), together with the supplier Huawei International and Huawei Marine Networks, informed that following construction and end-to-end testing, the SEAX-1 cable system has... » Read more

Glo partners Huawei on multi-billion naira submarine cable


Nike Popoola Telecoms firm, Globacom, has said it plans to boost Information and Communications Technology in Nigeria with its planned construction of a multi-billion naira optic fibre submarine ca... » Read more

MainOne’s West Africa expansion gets boost with Cote d’Ivoire license


MainOne’s West Africa expansion gets boost with Cote d’Ivoire license April 23, 2018 • Big Data , General , West Africa Facebook 0 Twitter 0 LinkedIn 0 Google+ 0 Pinterest 0 MainOn... » Read more

SAEx pushing ahead with multibillion-rand SA, US marine cable


The backers of a planned broadband cable system to connect South Africa with the US are pushing ahead with the project after a hiatus which saw the venture restructured as well as new technologies ... » Read more

Hawaiki cable rollout completes


The Hawaiki subsea cable connecting Australia, New Zealand, and the US has completed its final landing in American Samoa ahead of going live in June. The $350 million Hawaiki Transpacific Submarin... » Read more