International Connectivity & Cables Conference


Date 25-04 - 26-04  2017
Location Duit Thani
City Dubai
Country UAE

Creating synergy between OTTs and carriers whilst enhancing capacity

Due to the ever-increasing demand for higher network capacity, carriers have been implementing new projects to meet their customers demand. OTTs on the other hand have also started investing in submarine networks in order to meet increasing bandwidth demands by its customers. It is evident that international connectivity has become crucial now more than ever before.

Given the demand in this sector, we are hosting a very focused event called the International Cables Conference taking place from 25-26 April 2017 to discuss best practices for cable laying, protection, commissioning and maintenance. The event will also serve as a platform to gather OTTs and carriers to discuss how to create synergy between the two parties and ensure a win-win situation for both.

Join us at the event to learn about latest projects, recognise best ways to meet increasing capacity demand and select best technologies for your upcoming projects.