Tele Greenland says cable to Iceland breaks, repairs could take weeks30-12-2018

Source: Tele Greenland / Raftel

On Friday morning, December 28th, a failure occurred on the Greenland Connect submarine cable, connecting Greenland to Iceland.

The cable break will result in slower Internet in Southern Greenland and intermittent disturbances in radio, TV and telephones in the southern part of Greenland.

The North America leg is still working but the cable break will affect many Internet customers in Greenland.

Deep in the Ocean

The location of the cable break is at a sea depth of approx. 3000 metres, so the repair process may take weeks.

Some customers are without any connectivity

The most affected customers are those of Internet Service Provider Nanoq Medias, the reason being that Nanok Media has a single route out of Greenland, to Iceland.