Infinera has just one mission: to provide the world's most economically compelling optical networks.

For some of our customers, that translates into the ability to rapidly scale the Internet, and keep pace with the world's apparently insatiable appetite for bandwidth.

For others, it provides a way to deliver more services to more markets than they previously imagined.

The Infinera Digital Optical Network: A new paradigm in long-haul and metro transport.

For still others, it simply means an easier, more cost-effective way to manage their networks.

We founded our company for the sole purpose of bringing the advantages of digital networking to the optical layer. And node by node, network by network, continent by continent, we're doing precisely that.

The Infinera Digital Optical Network is the first switched WDM system, utilizing our breakthrough Photonic Integration Circuits to provide unrivaled flexibility, capacity, and manageability.


It's raising standards on a technical level, and lowering barriers from an economic perspective.


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