Nokia and Orange deploy LAN solution in over 20 sites

Source: Capacitymedia / Raftel

The solution replaces the existing copper-based LAN and will connect more than 5,000 endpoints including WiFi and hard-wired terminals.

The Nokia Optical LAN cable will deliver a better user experience according to the operator and offers a low-energy solution for in-building and campus connectivity.

Philippe Gacougnolle, Orange France director of the internal network domain said: “Moving to POL for our intra-office connectivity can save significant energy costs and reduce emissions which is essential to help Orange meet its ambitious environmental goals.”

The deal between the two builds upon a long-standing partnership which includes a recent 10-year network expansion between Nokia and Orange Poland.

Yesterday, Orange announced its first optical switch deal in Portugal with Redes Energeticas Nacionais (REN).

REN’s optical transport layer connects more than 25 gas and electrical substations with 1,600km of optical fibre around the country.

Nokia’s DWDM/OTM solution will support network slicing to guarantee capacity and latency for operational communications services up to 100 Gigabit Ethernet speeds which will ensure a high capacity long-haul transmission layer in REN’s private telecoms network.

Luis Bueno, Nokia head of enterprise for Spain and Portugal, said: “Following the success of the 2018 project to connect REN’s datacentres, we are proud to build on their relationship and rollout this country-wide deployment with the support of our local partner Axians Portugal.”