Zayo Expands Global Infrastructure Connectivity with Fastest Direct Network From Manchester to New York

Source: Zayo / Raftel

New route marks additional transatlantic cable connection for Zayo, reducing latency for customers across Continental Europe to North America

BOULDER, Colo. –
Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., a leading global communications infrastructure provider, announces the fastest direct network route connecting Manchester to New York with its new transatlantic route. The route provides a direct subsea cable route to North America that avoids backhauling to global Internet hubs in London and Paris, reducing transatlantic latency and enabling a better user experience.

“Cultivating an enhanced performance for our customers is at the forefront of Zayo’s mission,” said Yannick Leboyer, Europe Chief Operating Officer at Zayo. “The new subsea route is Zayo’s latest step towards providing fast, reliable infrastructure to connect global Internet hubs both within Europe and to the U.S. With the fastest transatlantic connection from Manchester, Zayo is well-positioned to handle the increasing capacity demands between these hubs, fueling business innovation and digital transformation for our customers.”


The investment marks an additional transatlantic cable for Zayo, connecting Zayo’s packet IP network between North America and Continental Europe. Offering immediate access to New York, the new subsea cable route provides customers with added diversity and resiliency. As a result, customers in the North of England and across Europe receive faster and more efficient connections to North America.

With Europe being home to five of the ten largest global Internet hubs, this latest strategic investment supports the growing needs of the European communications infrastructure landscape enabling:

  • The UK government’s Northern Powerhouse vision for a super-charged, globally connected Northern economy;
  • A faster, Northern-based direct gateway for the independent Internet Exchanges in the North of England and Scotland;
  • More resilience and reliability in the North. By upgrading the Manchester Internet gateway and leveraging capacity from Zayo’s huge Zeus subsea cable, we’ve added a direct route to Amsterdam. This gives our customers three Internet routes; from Manchester to the US, Dublin and The Netherlands. This complements the three routes we also have to London.
  • A direct gateway for Manchester to attract both large enterprises and innovative new start-ups as Manchester is the UK’s second “technology city” after London.
  • Lowered latency for customers in The Netherlands as the new Manchester transatlantic route acts as an alternative path for all packet traffic in Amsterdam, by avoiding the heavy traffic centers of London and Paris. Amsterdam is the third largest Internet hub in the world; and
  • Resilience to the UK’s Internet backbone – no longer reliant on London as so many other IP networks are.

Zayo has already made significant investments in their European fiber platform, upgrading key connectivity corridors between Paris and Marseille, Amsterdam and Frankfurt and Zeus, the most robust and protected connection between the UK and Continental Europe.

This is all part of Zayo’s overarching plan to continue expanding its footprint in Europe – even more capacity and routes are coming later this year.

To learn more about Zayo’s global network, please visit https://www.zayo.com/network/.

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